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Welcome to Vertor – new generation torrent site!

Forget everything you've known before and get ready to discover all the benefits of bittorrent protocol! There have been lots of attempts to discredit the protocol and get money from users lately by uploading tons of low quality torrents. Any torrent file you've downloaded might have been fake, virus-infected, DRM-encrypted or password-protected. That led fast and easy-to-use bittorrent protocol to lose its advantages. Users had to spend their precious time to find a good quality torrent file and download its contents and it really got on their nerves.

Our technology

With Vertor the situation changes dramatically! Complex software/hardware system hosted on five dual-core servers with 8 GB RAM each constantly downloads and verifies torrents. That means every torrent file available on Vertor is checked for downloadability, viruses, DRM and passwords.

How we do it

We get a torrent file and put it on our server for download. If the download doesn't start after a series of attempts we mark it as "download error" and do not place it in the overall database. If the download has completed successfully we check contents of the file and post the information about the torrent file and its contents:

Why we do it

The project is devoted to make bittorrent protocol even more popular, easy-to-use and reliable! We have other reputed on-line projects that make enough profit to invest a small part of it in this experiment. Our plan is to develop Vertor more and place as less advertisement as possible for the nearest years. We want to make it as convenient for you as possible!

Have something to say?

If you liked our project and you want to help us improve it or just want to share your great ideas with us, we will be happy to hear from you. You will need to complete the contact form and we will respond in 48 hours.