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William Monahan will be director once again

The script writer of "The Departed" and the winner of "Oscars" William Monahan plans to continue his directorial experience and will undertake the formulation of the original crime thriller "Mojave". The text is written by filmmaker himself.

Plot details remain secret, but producer of the tape William Green noticed a high quality of scenarios of Monaghan. Filming of thriller is supposed to start in August this year in Southern California, where there is a large desert, which gave the name of the movie.

"Mojave" is the fourth project of the company Atlas Independent, a subsidiary of Charles Atlas Entertainment Rowena (in its track list is Nolan's Batman trilogy), and working with independent film, whose budget is about 10 million and below. Probably the same amount to be calculated, and the film Monaghan. Executive producer Allan Glaser will be engaged in tape and Andy Horwitz with Justine Suzanne Jones. The latter has already worked with Monahan on his directorial debut, "The Bodyguard," starring Colin Farrell and Keira Knightley.

The first experiment of famous writer as a director was released in 2010 and showed unimportant box office results in a very mediocre criticism. After that Monahan was going to continue directing career of Jean Anouilh play adaptation of "Becket", on which at one time had already been filmed with Peter O'Toole and Richard Burton. However, although the project is still listed for William, about the film for a long time nothing was heard.

Name of Monaghan has flashed in the news industry in connection with the sci-fi picture "Horizons" by Joseph Kosinski, for which the winner of the "Oscar" wrote the screenplay. He also is responsible for the text of the new version of "The Gambler," which Scorsese was planning to shoot.


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