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Braterstwo wilkow - Le pacte des loups *(DVDRip XviD) (Lektor PL)2001* torrent

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Date 2009-05-29 00:18:45
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Le Pacte des loups (2001) overview

Genre: action, horror, history, mystery Director: Gans, Christophe


France, second half of XVIII century. In a place called Zhevadan appears terrible creature, dubbed the inhabitants of the Beast, it is ruthlessly killing women and children. The beast seems elusive, avoiding the numerous raids, it does not take a bullet, he disappears as suddenly as appears, and only a few survivors are able to describe his appearance. The king Louis XV decided to understand what is happening, and requests to investigate the brutal murder of a scientist Gregor de Fronsac. From Gregor in Zhevodane there is another hero - Indian Mani - he once saved the life of de Fronsac, and now they are blood brothers. Around the silent Indian there is a mystery no less than around the Beast. Mani has recourse to a mysterious ritual, and in the struggle with the monster relies on the instincts and traditions of its people. "Brotherhood of the Wolf," you can watch more than once and not lose interest in it. Although the film was shot in 2000, great directing and a good cast make it possible to enjoy an interesting idea, and kept in suspense until the denouement. Watch for the next frame without stopping, for a second. The atmosphere of a provincial French XVIII successfully opened many little things: the sets, costumes, dirty streets with a clean face, different sectors of society and of course, the eternal confrontation between the Church and the supreme authority.

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Braterstwo wilkow - Le pacte des loups *(DVDRip XviD) (Lektor PL)2001*
  • Braterstwo Wilków 2001 PL.avi (1396 MB)


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