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Date 2009-09-19 20:04:38
Category Software
Hash B38D94D7481F8D7664429BCC344698DE8BC175B6
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Nav N Go iGO # 0) preamble i was confused coz there's a lot of info about this, but almost none of the methods work. i read about flashing the rom etc. but i can assure you, the modifications are restricted to the sd card. or at least, they are with the myguide 3000 :) this release is just a repack for those who prefer bittorrent and is completely credited to the PPCWarez team. THANK YOU! notes from them: please remove any other licenses present in your license folder as this release won't recognize them! also only PNA (320x240 and 480x272) resolutions are included this time. for backwards compatibility with other resolutions you can still use data.zip from older versions loosing however features introduced in this version. # 1) requirements: - sd card reader - file manager (on your pc) - 7-zip (freely available from www.7-zip.org) - teleatlas map files uh-oh, that's all. provided: - app - english lang files - english voice files - color schemes you can find map files elsewhere, search for 'teleatlas', such as: http://isohunt.com/torrent_details/102375829/ i won't include map files coz this way i can speed up the download for those who need the app only, and maps can be updated separately, then you don't have to download and set up the whole thing again. # 2) backup copy all the content from the sd card. if something goes wrong, you can restore the original state. or maybe the best solution is to buy a new 2 GB card, they are really cheap nowadays. # 3) copy igo extract igo8.7z with 7-zip, and copy the resulting igo8 folder to the root of your sd card. # 4) copy map files extract all map files. the simplest way is to use 7-zip (free), select all (ctrl+a), and extract all of them via the context menu (right click). copy 3dc and 3dl files to igo8/content/building copy fbl files to igo8/content/map copy poi files to igo8/content/poi the simplest way to select files with a certain extension is pressing + in total commander. # 5) set up igo you need a proper sys.txt. it depends on your model. there's one which should work on several models and one which is known to work with my myguide 3000. if you need more info, google for it. lines starting with semicolon are ignored. the most important part is to fix the app variable, which is "%SDCARD%/iGO8" now. replace it according to your model's conventions. if the app variable is incorrect, you will likely get a 'program application database cannot be found' message. if you think your sys.txt is correct, copy it to the igo8 folder on the sd card (replace the current one). for myguide 3000, just use sys.txt.myguide3000 and rename it to sys.txt. # 6) run igo on myguide 3000, open addons.txt in the root of your sd card. in [modules], add iGO = "", "Storage Cardigo8igo8.exe" and you will have 'iGO' in your main menu. you may also add Explorer = "", "WindowsExplorer.exe" and you will have access to windows explorer from the main menu. on other models, find a way to run igo8/igo8.exe. on first run, igo will initialize the speedcam warnings database. it will take time (up to 10 minutes) and may end up in 'out of memory error'. in this case, just delete these 2 files: - igo8/content/speedcam/speedcam.txt - igo8/content/speedcam/SpeedcamUpdates.spud of course now you won't get warnings about speedcams (but at least you'll be able to use igo). anyway, for updates, use google or other search engines, just like for maps.

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Nav N Go iGO
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