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Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy- Demonoid com - 5659799 284 torrent

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Date 2008-06-29 06:32:22
Category Software
Hash 677BFA60B8867F1544D48702897B36F51C3168C8
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Full size 1231 MB
Tracker http://inferno.demonoid.com:3391/scrape
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Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003) overview


After the grand and impressive success of Attack of the Clones, George Lucas decided to consolidate the popular theme, and launched the first TV cartoon about the universe of Star Wars and Clone Wars era. Animated series, created by the old hand-drawn technology, narrated on the interval between 2 and 3 episodes of the saga, and the final series are almost the beginning of the movie Revenge of the Sith, and much explain. Of course, the show focuses mainly on children and it is clearly naive narrative slips and greatly exaggerated the combat capabilities of the Jedi, but nevertheless, we will show a lot of new planets and characters (the most interesting character - Asajj Ventres, a pupil of Count Dooku) , which we guessed, but did not see in the movies. The galaxy is expanding its scope! The series deserves praise, because it continues to lure us into unknown worlds and dip into the ocean of adventure. You can also say that this cartoon was the springboard for the creation of new Lucas Clone Wars, and more technologically-designed plot, but the old TV series should not be discounted. It's - Star Wars!


I have added the [b]update[/b] there was at the time i made the torrent plus NO CD if you like but mount in alcohol and it should work fine or you can burn out.

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1231 megabyte in 7 files
Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy- Demonoid com - 5659799 284
  • Crack/Jedi.Academy.SP.V.1.0.1.NoCD.recracks.de.rar (0.5 MB)
  • Crack/jkja_101_mp.rar (0.6 MB)
  • Update/JKAcademy1_01.exe (11 MB)
  • Star_Wars_Jedi_Knight_Jedi_Academy.nfo (9.1 KB)
  • Stawars Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy_1.nrg (591 MB)
  • Stawars Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy_2.nrg (628 MB)
  • Tracked_by_Demonoid_com.txt (0 KB)


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