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Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground (Beat Club)(2nafish) torrent

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Date 2011-03-24 00:52:53
Category Music
Hash 7711146519465450e041a8a84a70924120226c29
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Full size 103 MB
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Tags stevie wonder higher ground beat club 2nafish

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Higher Ground (2011) overview

Genre: drama Director: Farmiga, Vera


The main heroine of the picture "Higher Ground”, Caroline Briggs (Vera Farmiga), was born in 1960 and grew up in a poor family. When she was 17, she became pregnant a few months later and married. Without any special plans her life continued further, until she found Jesus. It started with innocent familiarity of rare moments when Caroline lingered in front of TV, listening to the preacher. But soon a cursory look at Bible was replaced by a deep faith, the heroine of the movie "Higher Ground" has turned into a woman, devoted herself to religion. All imbued with divine meaning, she spent hours in prayer, kneeling and studying Bible. And only then, when her marriage began to crumble, Caroline forced herself to look from the other side on her entire adult life, venturing to question religious dogma.

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Duration: 00:02:57.76, start: 0.366422, bitrate: 4860 kb/s
Stream #0.0[0x1e0]: Video: mpeg2video, yuv420p, 720x480 [PAR 8:9 DAR 4:3], 6124 kb/s, 29.97 tbr, 90k tbn, 59.94 tbc
Stream #0.1[0x80]: Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, stereo, s16, 448 kb/s

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Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground (Beat Club)(2nafish)
  • Stevie_Wonder_-_Higher_Ground_(Beat_Club-2nafish).mpg (103 MB)


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