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Project Zomboid 0 1 4b (The Zombie Survival RPG) torrent

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Date 2011-06-15 00:46:56
Category Games
Hash 4e3b10c32d5cdc9118e27b1fe17bc8a061adef74
Seeds / Leechs -1 / -1 refresh
Full size 24 MB
Tracker http://tracker.thepiratebay.org/announce
Tags project zomboid zombie survival

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Text sample Text sample from Read Me.txt

Current version: 0.1.4b
Credit To Voltros Warez-bb.org Member

Instructions for install:
- Extract rar file to anywhere
- Either run the Log.bat file to create the lwjglcache folder in the temp dir or create a folder called lwjglcache in the following dir C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp
- Run Project Zomboid.exe
- Enjoy playing the game



1) Fixed ATI crash bug. We're not sure but this may cause a slight slowdown as it was an optimization that we had to remove to fix it. We'd like to hear how this affects anyone? We'll work on pulling back performance to what it was, but non-ATI owners have to admit this needed resolving fast. We'll upload a performance fix asap.
2) Fixed camera bug.
3) Removed custom mouse pointers entirely, for now. Too many issues on macs and some PCs.
4) Various zombie spotting chances changed. A player not moving inside a building will rarely be seen by a zombie from outside and higher floors the chances diminish too since zombies tend to...

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Contents of download:

24 megabyte in 19 files
Project Zomboid 0 1 4b (The Zombie Survival RPG)
  • Project Zomboid/lib/natives/OpenAL64.dll (0.3 MB)
  • Project Zomboid/lib/natives/lwjgl64.dll (0.3 MB)
  • Project Zomboid/lib/natives/lwjgl.dll (0.2 MB)
  • Project Zomboid/lib/natives/OpenAL32.dll (0.1 MB)
  • Project Zomboid/lib/natives/jinput-dx8_64.dll (63.5 KB)
  • Project Zomboid/lib/natives/jinput-raw_64.dll (61 KB)
  • Project Zomboid/lib/natives/jinput-dx8.dll (60.5 KB)
  • Project Zomboid/lib/natives/jinput-raw.dll (58 KB)
  • Project Zomboid/lib/zombie.jar (21 MB)
  • Project Zomboid/lib/lwjgl.jar (0.9 MB)
  • Project Zomboid/lib/jinput.jar (0.2 MB)
  • Project Zomboid/lib/lwjgl_util.jar (0.1 MB)
  • Project Zomboid/lib/lwjgl_applet.jar (21.4 KB)
  • Project Zomboid/lib/cache (0.3 KB)
  • Project Zomboid/lib/version (0 KB)
  • Project Zomboid/Project Zomboid.exe (0.4 MB)
  • Project Zomboid/Read Me.txt (8.2 KB)
  • Project Zomboid/Project Zomboid.jar (2.9 KB)
  • Project Zomboid/Log.bat (0 KB)


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