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Date 2011-08-02 10:48:13
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Kung Fu (2004) overview

Genre: action, fantasy, comedy, crime Director: Chow, Stephen (I)


30 years of the twentieth century - the reign of the streets of Shanghai's brutal rule, established by gangs, sharing the city into spheres of influence. The group, called the Axes, strikes fear on civilians and inspires feats of young imitators. Once one of those excessively hot boys suits the present mayhem in the slums on the outskirts of the city, while posing for one of the Axes. This is the reason for the outbreak of war between these gangs and members of local inhabitants of the houses that are fluent in techniques of kung fu. The central character is very alive, and he feels something that is constantly pushing his ass for adventure. He tries to understand himself, from childhood poverty and deceit, stolen and disgraced the dream of becoming a great Kung Fu Master in order to make the world a better place. And he believes that once his kindness brings him some blows, it's time from a simple Chinese gangster to be a great loser and led heifers in flocks to restaurants and casinos. The film - where the viewer - a witness and participant in contemporary Chinese urban folklore, corruption, cruelty, and force ordinary people who run indivisible sense - kindness, love and compassion.

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Kung Fu - mini pack
  • {www.scenetime.com}Kung Fu - mini pack/5 Deadly Venoms.avi (529 MB)
  • {www.scenetime.com}Kung Fu - mini pack/Downloaded from www.scenetime.com.txt (0.2 KB)
  • {www.scenetime.com}Kung Fu - mini pack/Iron Monkey.avi (699 MB)
  • {www.scenetime.com}Kung Fu - mini pack/Read This Guide First.txt (0.2 KB)


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