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(Mac) Jedi Knight Jedi Academy (working on 10.7 Lion crack inc torrent

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Date 2012-02-18 00:52:39
Category Games
Hash 20d67d26a49a1e039a175be9ca931cb8b6570f01
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Full size 1199 MB
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Tags jedi knight jedi academy working lion crack

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  • Jedi Academy/Readme.txt (0.6 KB)
  • Jedi Academy/Jedi_Academy_rev_e.zip (1172 MB)
  • Jedi Academy/Widescreen/autoexec.cfg (0.1 KB)
  • Jedi Academy/Widescreen/Readme.txt (0.5 KB)
  • Jedi Academy/Jedi_Academy_rev_e_Cracked.zip (7.3 MB)
  • Jedi Academy/Extra/JA Mac Bonus Maps.zip (14 MB)
  • Jedi Academy/Extra/JKJAMacSiegeMap.zip (5.6 MB)
  • Jedi Academy/Extra/JKJA_Ded_1229.zip (0.4 MB)

Text sample Text sample from Readme.txt

If you want to use Jedi Academy with widescreen resolutions you need to follow the guide below. If you only want to use standard 4:3 resolutions, you don't need this.

1. Exit Jedi Academy
2. Open autoexec.cfg with TextEdit
3. Set your desired resolution
4. Set cg_fov
cg_fov = 90 recommended for 16:10 resolutions
cg_fov = 95 recommended for 16:9 resolutions
5. Put autoexec.cfg in "base" folder
6. Start Jedi Academy. Don't change the resolution ingame!

Note: Sometimes, videos may not appear (white/black screen)

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1199 megabyte in 1 files
(Mac) Jedi Knight Jedi Academy (working on 10.7 Lion crack inc
  • JediAcademyMac.zip (1199 MB)


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