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The Grey 2012 RC BDRip XVID AC3 5 1 HQ Hive-CM8 torrent

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Date 2012-03-07 09:45:39
Category Movies
Hash c933e372d0285e414154ad776ba768ba9f4a7aaf
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Full size 1818 MB
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Tags grey 2012 bdrip xvid hive

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After their plane crashes in Alaska, seven oil workers are led by a

skilled huntsman to survival, but a pack of merciless wolves haunts

their every step.

Video: 720x304 @bitrate 1700 2pass

Audio: English AC3 5.1 @448

Subs: Yes, English in srt /subs

Sample: Yes, included


Video: Russian Bluray

Audio: English Audio from DVDScreener and the russian DTS track


Bluray was nice, just a lot of noise in the video, which is removed now.

Studio audio is from the DVDScreener which i entered back into the russian audio track.

The dvdscreener didnt contain audio for the scene after the end credits so i took the end from the russian audio too.

All in all a very nice release with a studio 5.1 trackmix.


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1818 megabyte in 5 files
The Grey 2012 RC BDRip XVID AC3 5 1 HQ Hive-CM8
  • [ UsaBit.com ] - The.Grey.2012.RC.BDRip.XVID.AC3.5.1.HQ.Hive-CM8/The.Grey.2012.RC.BDRip.XVID.AC3.5.1.HQ.Hive-CM8.avi (1807 MB)
  • [ UsaBit.com ] - The.Grey.2012.RC.BDRip.XVID.AC3.5.1.HQ.Hive-CM8/The.Grey.2012.RC.BDRip.XVID.AC3.5.1.HQ.Hive-CM8.nfo (4.1 KB)
  • [ UsaBit.com ] - The.Grey.2012.RC.BDRip.XVID.AC3.5.1.HQ.Hive-CM8/sample.avi (11 MB)
  • [ UsaBit.com ] - The.Grey.2012.RC.BDRip.XVID.AC3.5.1.HQ.Hive-CM8/subs/The.Grey.2012.RC.BDRip.XVID.AC3.5.1.HQ.Hive-CM8.srt (64.7 KB)
  • [ UsaBit.com ] - The.Grey.2012.RC.BDRip.XVID.AC3.5.1.HQ.Hive-CM8/www.UsaBit.com.txt (0 KB)


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