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Jeff Lindsay - Dexter l'oscuro [Pdf - Ita][TntVillage] torrent

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Date 2012-03-16 00:51:05
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Jeff Lindsay

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"I - Dexter. Dexter Morgan. I work in the police forensic surgeon in Miami. I do not understand love, I care about sex, and I have no feelings. And I’m a serial killer. My father was a policeman and well taught me to hide the evidence. Ordinary citizens should not be afraid of me, I kill only the criminals, the scum, to which for some reason could not or did not want to get police. I kill them, carefully cut to pieces and dispose of the corpses. Murder for me - a creative act of art. But one day ... In Miami, there is one, equal to me. Even surpassed me. Managed to interest me. Offered me a sort of comradely competition. Who is this mysterious and elusive "X"?" At the age of three years, Dexter was adopted by a police officer Harry Morgan. In his youth he developed sociopathic tendencies, but his stepfather recognized this in advance. Harry taught him to direct the thirst for killing in a useful way for the society, namely, to kill only those who deserve death, criminals managed to escape justice. When Dexter grew up and began working in the police department, cleaning of the society from criminals has become his mission.

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Jeff Lindsay - Dexter l'oscuro [Pdf - Ita][TntVillage]
  • Dexter03/Jeff Lindsay - Dexter03 - Dexter l'oscuro.pdf (1.2 MB)


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