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[HorribleSubs] Bleach - 279 [480p].mkv torrent

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Date 2012-04-24 00:46:42
Category Anime
Hash f339825fbf055bdfdaec2a260d27472c9e44cf93
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Tags horriblesubs bleach 480p
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Bleach (1998) overview

Genre: short, sci-fi, thriller Director: Platt, Bill


Imagine that you are a fifteen-year Japanese student and studying in 9th grade. You also have two younger sisters. Your father always wants to "kill" you, although personally he calls it training. But oddly enough, precisely because of this, you are still alive. You go to school, studying, back home, you sit down and do homework. Your family owns a local clinic and you will help in the clinic in the evenings. Well, in general, the standard school life of teenager. Imagined? Excellent! But, add to it the fact that, as you remember yourself, you can see ghosts and talk to them. And the fact that with 8 years you live without maternal care. That's how you can describe the life of Kurosaki Ichigo the main character. But one fateful evening to Ichigo, not realizing that he can see ghosts, comes the God of Death. And what would you do on the spot of Ichigo, when in the middle of your room appears strangely dressed man in a black kimono with a katana in his hand. That's right, we should give him a kick, kick in the back. That's how you can describe the first meeting of Ichigo with Kuchiki Rukiey, which mark the beginning of a long and fascinating history.

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[HorribleSubs] Bleach - 279 [480p].mkv

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Duration: 00:24:04.71, start: 0.000000, bitrate: N/A
Stream #0.0: Video: h264, yuv420p, 848x480 [PAR 213:212 DAR 71:40], 23.81 fps, 23.98 tbr, 1k tbn, 47.95 tbc
Stream #0.1: Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16
Stream #0.2: Subtitle: 0x0000
Stream #0.3: Attachment: 0x0000

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[HorribleSubs] Bleach - 279 [480p].mkv
  • [HorribleSubs] Bleach - 279 [480p].mkv (151 MB)


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