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Date 2013-03-17 00:46:54
Category Music
Hash 997709f6fd4f53eee33dd2cfa2599288889b13be
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Full size 96 MB
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Tags more than words
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Year: 2013 Genre: R&B Format: MP3 Bitrate:vbr Kbps Bitrate:211 Kbps Maximum bit rate:244 Kbps Tracklist: 01.Don t Stop 02.LetSomebodyLuvU 03.4th Of July 04.Sweeter 05.She Doesn't Know 06.More Than Words 07.Nothing But A Thang 08.LiveWithoutYou 09.Made For Love 10.Get U 2 Stay 11.Slow 12.Another 13.Trying Not To Fall Asleep 14.IDidntReallyMeanToTurnUOut (Feat. Brian McKnight Jr.) 15.The Front, The Back, The Side (Feat. Niko McKnight) Credits To Original Releaser Remember to support the artists If you like it,buy it!

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96 megabyte in 17 files
More Than Words
  • More Than Words/06-brian_mcknight-more_than_words.mp3 (8.1 MB)
  • More Than Words/10-brian_mcknight-get_u_2_stay.mp3 (7.5 MB)
  • More Than Words/15-brian_mcknight-the_front_the_back_the_side_(feat_niko_mcknight).mp3 (7.1 MB)
  • More Than Words/03-brian_mcknight-4th_of_july.mp3 (7.1 MB)
  • More Than Words/11-brian_mcknight-slow.mp3 (6.7 MB)
  • More Than Words/02-brian_mcknight-letsomebodyluvu.mp3 (6.6 MB)
  • More Than Words/05-brian_mcknight-she_doesnt_know.mp3 (6.5 MB)
  • More Than Words/13-brian_mcknight-trying_not_to_fall_asleep.mp3 (6.5 MB)
  • More Than Words/04-brian_mcknight-sweeter.mp3 (6.3 MB)
  • More Than Words/01-brian_mcknight-dont_stop.mp3 (6.2 MB)
  • More Than Words/09-brian_mcknight-made_for_love.mp3 (6 MB)
  • More Than Words/08-brian_mcknight-livewithoutyou.mp3 (5.4 MB)
  • More Than Words/07-brian_mcknight-nothing_but_a_thang.mp3 (5.4 MB)
  • More Than Words/14-brian_mcknight-ididntreallymeantoturnuout_(feat_brian_mcknight_jr).mp3 (5.3 MB)
  • More Than Words/12-brian_mcknight-another.mp3 (4.8 MB)
  • More Than Words/cover.jpg (53.9 KB)
  • More Than Words/00 Playlist.m3u (1.3 KB)


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