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GFI.LANguard.Network.Security.Scanner.v9.0.20081118.Incl.Keymake torrent

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Date 2008-11-25 08:46:25
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GFI LANguard overview


GFI LANguard N.S.S. - A program that enables the analysis of pathways in the hacker's network. Warns the administrator about possible hacker attacks. The product GFI LANguard N.S.S. allows us to identify and create a category of vulnerability, makes recommendations for further action. Scans TCP & UDP ports and identifies unused open ports. Provides the ability to deploy patches and necessary service packs, check the shared directories on the network. It also detects any resolution of the device connected to the network wirelessly, automatically alerts you of new holes in security. Detects idle local users and groups. With the help of the program can save the scan results as XML. Supports automatic database update patches and vulnerability information. The program displays the NTFS and network shared directories. With the active module GFI LANguard Portable Storage Control provides advanced control for the use of devices such as MP3 players, and floppy disks. It also provides verification of application vulnerabilities of Linux.


What's new in GFI LANguard 9?
GFI LANguard version 9.0 builds on GFI LANguard 8.0 by improving further on usability and manageability.

Some of the new and improved features of version 9.0

Detection of Virtual Machines
GFI LANguard can now detect whether a scanned machine is real or virtual. Currently both VMware and Virtual PC software are supported.

Automatic remediation of unauthorized applications
GFI LANguard 9 allows the user to define which applications are authorized or not authorized on the network. During a scan, any unauthorized applications are identified and (optionally) uninstalled automatically by GFI LANguard.

Remote Desktop Connection
GFI LANguard allows the useful option of a remote desktop connection to fix security issues on scanned computers that cannot be fixed automatically.

Extended Hardware auditing facility
GFI LANguard can now show detailed information about the hardware configuration of all the scanned machines on your network. All devices from the �Device Manager� tool from windows operating systems are retrieved including motherboard, processors, memory, storage devices, display adapters, and much more.

A fresh, new look which allows effective use of GFI LANguard
GFI LANguard now ships with a new user interface which allows network administrators to easily scan the network to perform vulnerability assessment and retrieve relevant security information, analyze the results and generate reports and remediate the security issues that were detected.

Monitoring Dashboard
The GFI LANguard dashboard shows summarized results of all scans from the database and provides and overview of the most vulnerable computers and security status trends of the network.

Scan progress reporting
All errors encountered during a scan are now centralized so that it can instantly be identified on which machines the scan failed and for what reasons. During a scan, an estimation of the time remaining for the scan to complete, this feature is useful when scanning larger networks or machines distributed across locations.

Improved reporting experience
Executive reports are now available directly from within GFI LANguard.

Python Scripting for customer vulnerability checks
Apart from VB script and SSH, custom vulnerability checks can now also be defined in Python language.


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