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We Are The Old (Al Bundy- Married With Children)- mp3 torrent

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Date 2008-12-18 12:15:38
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We Are The Old (Al Bundy- Married With Children)- mp3
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Almost two decades have lived together for Peggy and Al side by side, they say, and in sorrow and in joy. Built a house, planted tree, raised two offspring: daughter Kelly and son Bud. However, despite the fact that spouses know each other inside and out, every day for them turns funny surprises and confusion. Besides, one day the neighbors of family Bundy became Steve and Marcy Rhoads at first glance, representing an ideal couple... It is very difficult to come up with jokes that have never happen again within 11 years, but the writers still managed this. The humor of the series at the same time is simple and genius with a great acting. A distinctive feature of this series is its length with all the same staff working throughout the life of the project. The viewer sees how the actors get older, change. There is some sense of the reality show is not a standard, non-existent American family, for which it is pleasant to watch again and again.


One of the best songs ever!

MP3- 128 kbps


We are the old, we've got arthritis,
our gums are weak (so weak), from gingivitis.

We are the old, we've got arthritis,
wi are the ones who wear fifocals, and have bursitis.

There are people, younger, but we heed another call,
we really need the money, our accountants took it all,
we sing to you, those who have money,
once we were cool, but now we just dress funny.
We need your help, so please please dig deep,
don't call after ten, 'caus we'll be asleep.
We have medicare, and anti-gas pills,
but without your help, we can't pay our alimony bills.

We are the old, (the are the old),
We have arthritis ( they have arthritis),
once vwe were gods, now golf exites us (golf exite'em).

So write a check (a really bg one), for our december,
there's one more verse, but we can't remember...

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We Are The Old (Al Bundy- Married With Children)- mp3
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