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RARE Old School Funk Remixed by Frenz.rar torrent

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Date 2008-12-26 18:40:21
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Hash 85FAA50AA85496C01499275DA5F7B6EEAF0A8966
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RARE Old School Funk (mostly '80's) Remixes by Frenz

Air Force 1-See the Light, Feel the Heat (Frenzmix).mp3              	
Beatmaster-Lipservice (Frenzmix).mp3                                 	
Bernard Wright-Funky Beat (Frenzmix).mp3                             	
Bill Summers & Summer Heat-We Want Heat (Frenzmix).mp3               	
Bill Withers-Something That Turns You On (Frenzmix).mp3              	
Billy Ocean-Calypso Funkin' (Frenzmix).mp3                           	
Billy Ocean-Inner Feelings (Frenzmix).mp3                            	
Billy Ocean-Nights (Frenzmix).mp3                                    	
Bobby Nunn-Private Party (Frenzmix).mp3                              	
Brass Construction-Party Line (Frenzmix).mp3                         	
Brothers Johnson - Caught Up (Frenzmix).mp3                          	
Brothers Johnson - Teaser (Frenzmix).mp3                             	
Brothers Johnson-Do it for love (Frenzmix).mp3                       	
Brothers Johnson-Funkadelala (Frenzmix).mp3                          	
Brothers Johnson-Keep Me Coming Back (Frenzmix).mp3                  	
Cameo - You're A Winner (Frenzmix).mp3                               	
Cameo-Flirt (Frenzmix).mp3                                           	
Cameo-She's Mine (Frenzmix).mp3                                      	
Cameo-She's Strange (Frenzmix).mp3                                   	
Cameo-Talking Out The Side Of Your Neck (Frenzmix).mp3               	
Central line-Nature boy (Frenzmix).mp3                               	
Chaka Khan-Best in the west (Frenzmix).mp3                           	
Chaka Khan-Heed the warning (Frenzmix).mp3                           	
Chaka Khan-Night Moods (Frenzmix).mp3                                	
Chaka Khan-Some Love (Frenzmix).mp3                                  	
Chaka Khan-We can work it out (Frenzmix).mp3                         	
Chaka Khan-What cha  gonna do for me (Frenzmix).mp3                  	
Change-Change Of Heart (Frenzmix).mp3                                	
Chicago Bears-Super bowl shuffle (Frenzmix).mp3                      	
Chilites-Bottoms Up (Frenzmix).mp3                                   	
Collage-Alien ZZZ (Frenzmix).mp3                                     	
Collage-Do You Like Our Music (Frenzmix).mp3                         	
Colonel Abrams-Not Gonna Let You Get(Frenzmix).mp3                   	
Colonel Abrams-Trapped (Frenzmix).mp3                                	
Con Funk Shun-She's a star (Frenzmix).mp3                            	
Con Funk Shun-She's Sweet (Frenzmix).mp3                             	
Con Funk Shun-Turn The Music Up (Frenzmix).mp3                       	
Conquest-Optimistic (Frenzmix).mp3                                   	
Conway Brothers-Turn it up (Frenzmix).mp3                            	
Cutty-Naughty Times (Frenzmix).mp3                                   	
D Train-Music (Frenzmix).mp3                                         	
Dayton-So what (Frenzmix).mp3                                        	
Dayton-The Sound Of Music (Frenzmix).mp3                             	
Dazz Band - Let it whip (Frenzmix).mp3                               	
Dazz Band-Swoop (Frenzmix).mp3                                       	
Deco-Fresh Idea (Frenzmix).mp3                                       	
Delegation-Dance Time USA (Frenzmix).mp3                             	
Delegation-What took you so long (Frenzmix).mp3                      	
Detroit Emeralds-What's the deal (Frenzmix).mp3                      	
Fatback-Double Love Affair (Frenzmix).mp3                            	
Fatback-Finger Lickin' Good (Frenzmix).mp3                           	
Fatback-Funky Aerobics (Frenzmix).mp3                                	
Fatback-Girls On My Mind (Frenzmix).mp3                              	
Fatback-Is This The Future (Frenzmix).mp3                            	
Frantique-Strut your funky stuff (Frenzmix).mp3                      	
Fresh Face-Huevo Dancing (Frenzmix).mp3                              	
Funkacize Gang-Funkacize (Frenzmix).mp3                              	
Gap Band-Oops Up Side Your Head (Frenzmix).mp3                       	
General Caine-Bomb Body (Frenzmix).mp3                               	
General Caine-Where's the beef (Frenzmix).mp3                        	
George Duke-Pluck (Frenzmix).mp3                                     	
Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five-New York New York (Frenzmix).mp3	
Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five-The Message (Frenzmix).mp3      	
Grandmaster Flash & theFuriousFive-Step Off (Frenzmix).mp3           	
Heatwave-Big Guns {Frenzmix}.mp3                                     	
Instant Funk-Gotta Like That (Frenzmix).mp3                          	
Instant Funk-Who took away the funk (Frenzmix).mp3                   	
Jesse Johnson-Love Struck (Frenzmix).mp3                             	
Johnny Guitar Watson-Your Love Is My Love (Frenzmix).mp3             	
Jones Girls-Nights over Egypt (Frenzmix).mp3                         	
Kenny G-Hi, How Ya Doin' (Frenzmix).mp3                              	
Kenny Lattimore - Never Too Busy (Frenzmix).mp3                      	
Krystol-You ask too much (Frenzmix).mp3                              	
Kurtis Blow-Party Time (Frenzmix).mp3                                	
Lakeside-Fantastic Voyage (Frenzmix).mp3                             	
Leon Haywood-Don't Push It Don't Force It (Frenzmix).mp3             	
Leon Haywood-Tenderoni (Frenzmix).mp3                                	
Lionel Richie - Can't Slow Down (Frenzmix).mp3                       	
Luther Vandross-Never Too Much (Frenzmix).mp3                        	
Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly-Back In Stride (Frenzmix).mp3         	
Midnight Star-Headlines (Frenzmix).mp3                               	                     

Mtume-New Face Deli (Frenzmix).mp3                                   	
Mtume-Tie Me Up (Frenzmix).mp3                                       	
North End-Happy days (Frenzmix).mp3                                  	
O'Bryan-Lovelite (Frenzmix).mp3                                      	
Oliver Cheatham-Saturday Night (Frenzmix).mp3                        	
Parliament-Aqua Boogie (Frenzmix).mp3                                	
Parliament-Flashlight (Frenzmix).mp3                                 	
Parliament-We Want the Funk (Frenzmix).mp3                           	
Patrice Rushen - Feels So Real (Frenzmix).mp3                        	
Paul Hardcastle-Better (Frenzmix).mp3                                	
Prince Charles & The City Beat Band-Cash Money (Frenzmix).mp3        	
Prince-Pop Life (Frenzmix).mp3                                       	
Ray Parker Jr & Raydio-It's your night (Frenzmix).mp3                	
Ray Parker jr. & Raydio-Still in the groove (Frenzmix).mp3           	
Reddings-Class (Frenzmix).mp3                                        	
Reddings-In My Pants (Frenzmix).mp3                                  	
Rod-Shake it up (Frenzmix).mp3                                       	
Roger-It Doesn't Really Matter (Frenzmix).mp3                        	
Seawind-What cha doin' (Frenzmix).mp3                                	
SOS Band-The Finest (Frenzmix).mp3                                   	
Sugarhill Gang-Space Race (Frenzmix).mp3                             	
Sugarhill Gang-The lover in you (Frenzmix).mp3                       	
Sugarhill Gang-The Word Is Out (Frenzmix).mp3                        	
Sumy-Funkin' in your mind (Frenzmix).mp3                             	
Sunrize - Who's Stickin' It (Frenzmix).mp3                           	
Surface-When your X wants you back (Frenzmix).mp3                    	
Syreeta-Can't shake your love (Frenzmix).mp3                         	
T.S.Monk-Bon Bon Vie (Frenzmix).mp3                                  	
Teena Marie-Square Biz (Frenzmix).mp3                                	
Tom Browne-Bye Gones (Frenzmix).mp3                                  	
Tom Browne-Mr. Business (Frenzmix).mp3                               	
Tom Browne-Rockin' Radio (Frenzmix).mp3                              	
Trouble Funk-Get On Up (Frenzmix).mp3                                	
Trouble Funk-Hey Fellas (Frenzmix).mp3                               	
Valentine Bros-Money Is Too Tight (Frenzmix).mp3                     	
Watsonian Institute-Master funk (Frenzmix).mp3                       	
Watsonian Institute-The institute (Frenzmix).mp3                     	
Whispers-Contagious (Frenzmix).mp3                                   	
Zapp-More Bounce To The Ounce (Frenzmix).mp3                         			

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RARE Old School Funk Remixed by Frenz.rar
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