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Seer Debut Album "2020" and Video for Drown torrent

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Date 2008-07-12 18:56:51
Category Music
Hash 3FDC1D0B30E70265C0E83B386C1EDAEAC0A8AB9A
Seeds / Leechs 1 / 1 refresh
Full size 218 MB
Tracker http://inferno.demonoid.com:3390/scrape
Tags seer debut album quot 2020 quot video drown

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Seer Debut Album "2020" and Video for Drown
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Influenced by bands like Tool, Radiohead, Coldplay, Deftones, A Perfect Circle, Jeff Buckley, and Sigur Ros, Seer creates a sound uniquely their own.

Included in this torrent is the full debut album, 2020, in 192kbit mp3's. Album Length is 70+ minutes.

Also included is a 128kbit mp3 of "Mechanical", a recent digital-only release by Seer, as well as a full animated video for "Drown", the single from 2020. Video created by Ryan Beckerman (http://www.myspace.com/ryanbeckermancreations).

Check out the myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/seer

or the website at http://www.seerband.com

Please leave comments and let me know what you think of the music.

Contents of download:

218 megabyte in 21 files
Seer Debut Album "2020" and Video for Drown
  • 2020/Seer-2020-01-48.mp3 (8.3 MB)
  • 2020/Seer-2020-02-Feed.mp3 (4.4 MB)
  • 2020/Seer-2020-03-Drown.mp3 (5.8 MB)
  • 2020/Seer-2020-04-Trip the Lung.mp3 (5.3 MB)
  • 2020/Seer-2020-05-[---].mp3 (1.2 MB)
  • 2020/Seer-2020-06-Watching the Sidewalks.mp3 (8 MB)
  • 2020/Seer-2020-07-This Is Really Happening.mp3 (6.2 MB)
  • 2020/Seer-2020-08-Torso.mp3 (9.5 MB)
  • 2020/Seer-2020-09-Minnows.mp3 (5.5 MB)
  • 2020/Seer-2020-10-Veritas.mp3 (7.8 MB)
  • 2020/Seer-2020-11-Not One Mistake.mp3 (5 MB)
  • 2020/Seer-2020-12-[---].mp3 (1.4 MB)
  • 2020/Seer-2020-13-The Mess I've Made.mp3 (7.2 MB)
  • 2020/Seer-2020-14-[---].mp3 (2.2 MB)
  • 2020/Seer-2020-15-We Are Just Riding On These Things.mp3 (12 MB)
  • 2020/Seer-2020-16-Wey.mp3 (8.8 MB)
  • BIO.pdf (87.5 KB)
  • Drown.avi (116 MB)
  • Mechanical (Digital-Only Release).mp3 (4 MB)
  • Torrent downloaded from Demonoid.com.txt (0 KB)
  • Website and Myspace Information.txt (0.1 KB)


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