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Star Trek TNG - A Final Unity - PC zip torrent

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Date 2007-03-05 04:09:09
Category Software
Hash DB1DC152F29229DD04C9B963602C559AACEF8E94
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Full size 779 MB
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How to install Star Trek: A Final Unity

1 - Make a folder on your C: drive like this ---> C:STFU
2 - Copy all the files in the "STTNG A Final Unity" folder to C:STFU
3 - Install DOSBOX v0.65 [I've included it in this package]
4 - Copy the dosbox.conf file to C:Program FilesDOSBox-0.65
* Overwrite the one that is already there *
5 - Start the game by running "DOSBox" now located in your start menu

All being well, you are now playing STTNG A Final Unity on your windows PC :)

In the event it does NOT work for you... open the dosbox.conf file and
check out all the settings. You may need to change something.

Additional Information

This game is an old classic that most hardcore Trek fans will know well.
The problem is that it was written in the 90's to be played in DOS.
Getting this game to work in Windows XP is a pain in the arse.
However, I managed to get it working great on my Windows XP machine.
Mainly thanks to discovering a little gem of software called "DOSBox"

More information on DOSBox and the latest version can be found at...


Originally, I set out to get Final Unity working just for myself.

Once I played it again, I really wanted to share it with anyone else
out there who enjoyed this game or missed it in the 90's.

Yes it's dated, but it's really well done, particularly all the
dialogue from the original Star Trek TNG cast :)

As an added bonus, I've captured some of Final Unity cutscenes to a folder.
These are in NTSC VCD format as the cutscenes are low res to begin with ;)

I have also downloaded some walkthroughs and cheats too.

There are a couple of saved games that take you right to the end of the
game. Feel free to overwrite them :)

Hope you enjoy this game as much as I have.

Please leave a comment wherever you downloaded this from if you enjoy it :)

djarmani - March 2007

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779 megabyte in 1 files
Star Trek TNG - A Final Unity - PC zip
  • Star Trek TNG - A Final Unity - PC.zip (779 MB)


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