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Monty Python - The Hastily Cobbled Together For A Fast Buck. torrent

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Date 2008-07-20 13:52:15
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Music : Comedy : Lossless.

Monty Python - The Hastily Cobbled Together For A Fast Buck Album (liberated bootleg released 1981)

1.An Announcer/Here Comes Another One
2.Im So Worried!
3.Mrs.Particle & Mrs.Velocity
4.Otto & The Suicide Squad/Otto Song
5.Rooting Around In My Attic
7.Olympic Shopping
8.Bunn Whackett Buzzard Stubble & Boot
9.Talking Science
10.School Song (Play Up!)
11.Headmaster/Dead School Boy
12.Laughing At The Unfortunate
13.Leg Amputation/Reassuring Your Doctor/
Deep-Sea InsuranceAgent/Accounting Shanty
14.Indian Restaurant
15.Minister Of Defense
16.Freelance Undertaker
17.Rudyard Kipling
19.Memory Training
21.Hi-Fi Shop
22.Announcer,side 2

These are the notes I recieved with this disc,a little tape hiss
but decent sound:

"Despite this title,this 1981 album was never actually released to
the public for a fast buck..Andre Jacquiem,who put together much of
the Python's album work,cobbled this album together from material
which had been recorded for other albums (mostly The Contractual Obligation
Album)but not used..It was given by Michael Palin to the band Motorhead as a gift,
and found its was,unofficially,into the hands of fans,but has never been sold
in stores."

Highlights for me are the "Otto" segment & "Psychopath",both written
for Life Of Brian but not used...and also "Memory Training",an older
skit with a new ending - Graham Chapman rattling off names of towns
where Life Of Brian was banned!

Contents of download:

285 megabyte in 24 files
Monty Python - The Hastily Cobbled Together For A Fast Buck.
  • CD Track 01.flac (5.1 MB)
  • CD Track 02.flac (16 MB)
  • CD Track 03.flac (11 MB)
  • CD Track 04.flac (23 MB)
  • CD Track 05.flac (3.2 MB)
  • CD Track 06.flac (9.3 MB)
  • CD Track 07.flac (18 MB)
  • CD Track 08.flac (9.3 MB)
  • CD Track 09.flac (10 MB)
  • CD Track 10.flac (15 MB)
  • CD Track 11.flac (11 MB)
  • CD Track 12.flac (7.8 MB)
  • CD Track 13.flac (28 MB)
  • CD Track 14.flac (15 MB)
  • CD Track 15.flac (2.5 MB)
  • CD Track 16.flac (5.7 MB)
  • CD Track 17.flac (14 MB)
  • CD Track 18.flac (1.9 MB)
  • CD Track 19.flac (24 MB)
  • CD Track 20.flac (4.3 MB)
  • CD Track 21.flac (28 MB)
  • CD Track 22.flac (23 MB)
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