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Cell Biology - A Laboratory Handbook,4-Vol (Malestrom) torrent

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Cell Biology: A Laboratory Handbook, Four-Volume Set
Publisher: Academic Press | Pages: 1899 | 2005-11-16 | ISBN 0121647307 | PDF

This four-volume laboratory manual contains comprehensive state-of-the-art protocols essential for research in the life sciences. Techniques are presented in a friendly step-by-step fashion, providing useful tips and potential pitfalls. The important steps and results are beautifully illustrated for further ease of use. This collection enables researchers at all stages of their careers to embark on basic biological problems using a variety of technologies and model systems.
This thoroughly updated third edition contains 165 new articles in classical as well as rapidly emerging technologies.
Topics covered include:
* Cell and Tissue Culture: Associated Techniques, Viruses, Antibodies, Immunocytochemistry (Volume 1)
* Organelle and Cellular Structures, Assays (Volume 2)
* Imaging...

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Cell Biology - A Laboratory Handbook,4-Vol (Malestrom)
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