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High School Musical 2 Original Soundtrack [www torrentspain com] torrent

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Date 2007-12-05 18:08:25
Category Music
Hash E77A8FBA737E48BC8C70ECCBC3F3FDBF1A960865
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Full size 92 MB
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High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008) overview

Genre: drama, comedy, family, musical, romance Director: Ortega, Kenny


"High School Musical 3: Senior Year" - the continuation of the legendary project "High School Musical." In the new film viewers’ favorite characters have matured, their wonderful school years are coming to an end, and they have to prepare for college. Will they continue doing things they love or a career in music destined to someone? Do they have to leave forever, or school friendship is stronger separation? Before you find the answers to these difficult questions, the boys will put on the school stage its latest - the most stunning musical! Before each is a choice: someone else has already decided who else thinks, and now someone wants to change the long-term solution. Sharpay has a last chance to pick up and attract Troy. Troy can not choose the same college as he wants to be with Gabriella, but does not want to give up basketball, and theater. Gabriella also has a choice: Troy or the dream of mom. And Ryan, he will also a shadow of his sister or manifest himself?

Contents of download:

92 megabyte in 13 files
High School Musical 2 Original Soundtrack [www torrentspain com]
  • 1. What Time Is It.mp3 (7.7 MB)
  • 10. All For One.mp3 (10 MB)
  • 12.BONUS_Du_Bist_Wie_Musik.mp3 (3.2 MB)
  • 2. Fabulous.mp3 (7.1 MB)
  • 3. Work This Out.mp3 (7.2 MB)
  • 4. You Are the Music in Me .mp3 (8.2 MB)
  • 5. I Don't Dance.mp3 (8.3 MB)
  • 6. You Are the Music in Me (Sharpay Version).mp3 (5.7 MB)
  • 7. Gotta Go My Own Way.mp3 (8.6 MB)
  • 8. Bet On It.mp3 (7.7 MB)
  • 9. Everyday.mp3 (11 MB)
  • COVER.jpg (88.1 KB)


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