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(XviD - MP3 JAP - SUB ITA) Hellsing Ultimate OAV 3 torrent

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Date 2009-04-08 00:32:19
Category Anime
Hash 408C81B4CA7904779AC9F34E135759F4BDA39FB9
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Hellsing Ultimate (2006) overview


More than a century organization "Hellsing" protects the British Empire from the undead. Having occupied the post of head of the organization, Sir Integra Hellsing inherited the greatest weapon against any form of afterlife vampire named Alucard. In 2008, the ten-year history of manga Hellsing came to an end. The last 10 part has been released. In the story was set bold point. Most of the heroes died. Few survivors temporarily reconciled. But in our world history is in full swing. In pursuit of profit, the company «Mad House» in co «Satelighte» released a full adaptation of the manga, with precise adherence to the original. Calculation of the doubt went to the manga fans, those who are not satisfied with short history of the series. And it seems the calculation is fully justified. Heroes Park is fully updated. Once again we will see the old friends: Integra, Alucard, Seras, Walter Anderson, Brothers Valentine. But they are joined by those who are so lacking in drama. Millenium, The Last Battalion, Major, Captain, Rip Van Winkle, Schrodinger, Doc. We will meet with the department XIII - Iscariot, in full, together with Haynkelem and Yumi.

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519 megabyte in 1 files
(XviD - MP3 JAP - SUB ITA) Hellsing Ultimate OAV 3
  • [SubZero] Hellsing Ultimate OAV 03 [XviD] [AC3 5.1] [sub.ITA].avi (519 MB)


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