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Buffy the Vampire Slayer s6e08-11,DivX-Ita-MP3 scambioetico torrent

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Date 2009-04-28 00:18:26
Category Series/TV Shows
Hash 91A39A743A4DDD637B9B493205D5BA078755CF86
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Full size 1546 MB
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Tags buffy vampire slayer s6e08 divx scambioetico

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer s6e08-11,DivX-Ita-MP3 scambioetico

Buffy the Vampire Slayer overview


High school student Buffy Summers moved to Los Angeles in the town of Sunnydale. No one knows that Buffy - not a simple schoolgirl, and featured, which is destined to fight demons, vampires and the forces of evil. However, this general lack of knowledge does not last long - up to Buffy's meeting with Mr. Rupert Giles, school librarian, who is a personal Overseer Buffy sent to coach her, help her to become a real Vampire Slayer. Unlike other superheroes, Buffy has friends who help her to save the world, at least try hard: the quiet one at the beginning of the series and one of the leaders in the end - Willow, the eternal loser, but very humorous - Zehnder, always a serious keeper - Jaelz , narcissistic Cordell, and replaced by her ex-demon Anya. But the most colorful and charismatic characters after the most Buffy are Angel and Crutch. Buffy - the Vampire Slayer is a high-quality TV series of 90th, but which is quite interesting to see now. Subsequent seasons really want to watch, because it is interesting to see what will happen next. Everything else, it shows the normal vampires, representatives of the old school so to speak, which is now very much lacking.


Category: TV Shows
Subcategory: Buffy
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Language: Italian
Uploaded by: ddt79

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1546 megabyte in 4 files
Buffy the Vampire Slayer s6e08-11,DivX-Ita-MP3 scambioetico
  • [DivX ITA] Buffy 6x08 - Il diamante ghiacciato.avi (386 MB)
  • [DivX ITA] Buffy 6x09 - Fuori controllo.avi (386 MB)
  • [DivX ITA] Buffy 6x10 - Scomparsa.avi (387 MB)
  • [DivX ITA] Buffy 6x11 - L'ingrediente segreto.avi (387 MB)


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